Friday, July 29, 2011


Tonight I was talking with one of my dearest friends, and she was sharing a love story of one of her close friends with me. A story that involved God prompting the girl to send a message to a guy she didn't really know that well, to simply pray for him and tell him she was doing so. A few months later, God willed her to travel to Bosnia - where this guy was serving as a missionary. Now, months later, they're planning a December wedding before they travel to South America to serve the Lord.

It's funny when you're little you are taught to believe in fairy tales...and then somewhere along the way the bitter world starts telling you that fairy tales don't exist. There aren't perfect guys with perfect words and a perfect white horse. And it's true. But there is a perfect God - and His love stories are so much better than Disney's (believe or not).

I've come to an amazing place in life - when I can look around and see that fairy tales, the fairy tales we learn about when we're 5, may not exist...but the fairy tales God writes are so much better:

I remember walking by a church downtown and having Whitney tell me about Aaron - this guy who worked there, who had graduated from our high school five years before us and gone to her church growing up. She joked about calling him to ask directions...and, when her mom or I would ask if she was interested in him, she would tell me that she could never like him because "he was weird". Soon they were in the same small group at her church. Before I knew it they were going out to celebrate her birthday, holding hands, falling in love, and getting married. He makes her happier than anyone ever has.

In 10th grade, Bethany switched out of a class to take Home Ec with me. There was a senior girl in there who Bethany quickly became friends with. This senior girl was friends with Jeremy, and one day Jeremy slipped Bethany a note - telling her that he thought a lot of her. Time passed and Bethany actually ended up going to Jr/Sr (prom) with one of Jeremy's friends. Nearly four years later, I walk into Chick-Fil-A and see Bethany eating lunch with Jeremy. They hadn't seen each other in years, but he had asked her to get together through facebook/AIM. And they slowly began to talk again and began dating. They're married now, and Jeremy doesn't even remember ever giving Bethany that note.

Jessica - who came to WCA in 10th grade - is now dating John, who left WCA in 7th grade. I knew them both through school...but I doubt they would have liked each other if they had known each other then. They knew a lot of the same people, but God ordained them to meet through church years later, and they are so great for each other. They both have a great passion for life and for the Lord.

Marcus and Victoria are two of my awesome student ambassadors at Campbell. She's from Philadelphia. He's from Brooklyn. It's a miracle they even knew about Campbell. They both chose to come to "The Creek" and both chose to major in Pre-Med. One day, during Orientation or sometime near the beginning of the school year, they were both at the pool...and Marcus decided talk to Victoria. Now, they're inseparable. They're best friends and partners. Planning to go to Campbell's future med school. And planning to get married.

Derrick and I grew up 10 minutes apart. Went to schools 10 minutes apart. Had family members who knew each other, went to school together...When we sat in a circle with a group of strangers our first time at Campbell and were asked to tell what we wanted to be when we graduated, I said that I wanted to be a wife. Little did I know that my husband was the stranger right beside me. Since day 1 at Campbell, I always felt like we would be a good fit. I always felt attracted to Derrick and interested in him. We had many classes together, many inside jokes together, but I was dating someone else. Slowly, we became great friends...and God's plan fell into place. I like our love story.

(Interested in a Bible love story? Read about the love story that began all love stories in Genesis 2 and check out the story of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 24)

There are so many other amazing love stories that I know about. Great details that only God could have ordained and couples that only God could have brought together. So, Daughter of the King, when it comes to fairy tales...


Monday, July 25, 2011

I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged. Last week was crazzzzy at work - but I loved it. I got to speak to over 40 prospective students and share my passion for Campbell with them. I would much rather be insanely busy and productive than feel unmotivated. And, in the midst of seeing orange, I feel at my best. And I love it.

On a non-Campbell related topic: Less than 70 days until I get to marry my best friend. It seems like it is almost here...and like I still have to wait forever. And, as I realize that it's only two months and one week, it's easy to get overwhelmed. I need to do this. And that. We need to buy this. And that. What about this. And that. Oh pooh, I forgot this. And that.

But then I remember that in 70 days I will be married to Derrick. I will be Mrs. Derrick Green. There will be no leaving each other at night. And I can kiss him anytime I want. I will finally look over at the other pillow and see him there. We will finally be able to go on fun road trip adventures. I'll finally be married to my very best friend. And none of that other stuff matters so much.

People always ask how wedding plans are coming along. I normally don't say much in reply. I am not one of those brides who loves to talk about her wedding constantly. But here's the answer: Things are good. My dress is perfect and currently being hemmed. We have our bridal party - and have picked out what they're wearing. Our colors are brown, pink, green, and orange. The wedding is at Butler Chapel. The reception is at the Dunn Shrine Club. We're still looking a DJ, but we have our list of songs. We have the photographer. We're having cupcakes. Our menu is set. The flowers are done. Invitations are being addressed and sent out this week.  My mom has her dress, and it's beautiful. I only know of one wedding shower - for my side of the family in August. We went looking for wedding bands last week, and I'm still in shock at the cost. We're going on a cruise for our honeymoon - leaving from Florida and going to Grand Cayman and Cozumel...

I'm mostly excited about getting to spend time with our friends during the wedding festivities.

And the best part is, at the end of it all, I get to be married to my best friend!

(And I'm excited to revamp my blog after I'm married! So stay tuned...)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weddings. Captured.

Recently, Derrick and I were blessed to do a wedding video at our church for Joe and Stacie Ange. I love helping him with weddings and feel blessed that we get to work together in this way. This particular wedding was one of my favorite videos to shoot - because I love capturing everything live. As is. Do or die. The excitement of seeing the final product play out before you.

The whole ceremony was captured and shared with the bride and groom. My dear friend Ashley Shelley reminded me that this is important. You're so caught up in the moment that you later forget half of what went on. Derrick also did a simple highlight video for the Anges - which I love. Check it out above.

My personal favorite wedding video that Derrick has ever done was the one for my best pal and her husband last June. It was a gorgeous fairytale setting. Lights glistening and crickets chirping. And I was blessed to be the maid of honor. I love the feeling of the video. I love that you can see and feel their happiness. And I love the preacher's words in the background.

The video was shot and edited a year ago, so Derrick has grown so much as a videographer since. He has new equipment and new techniques. But it's still one of my favorites and always will be.


This reception was done at Rumley Center at Campbell University. We just shot the reception, and the setting wasn't ideal. It was a dark room the week before Christmas...but I am so proud of the way that Derrick pulled it all together. The final product turned out great, capturing the enthusiasm of the couple.

I get excited whenever Derrick finishes a new video. Creating something and seeing the finished product is really cool, and I'm blessed that he lets me be a part of the process.

So do you need a video? Want your love story captured or your special day to replay? How about a video for your business or band? I just happen to be marrying a pretty awesome videographer who can hook you up :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yes Dear.

"The key to a happy marriage? When a husband learns these two little words: yes, dear."

"I have three children, including my husband."

"Oh he knows he's in the dog house...he'll be sleeping on the couch tonight."

"You know who really wears the pants in the relationship..."

These are all things that people say or insinuate all the time that make me cringe and make my heart sink. Do we, as women, want to be seen as naggers? Bossy? Witchy? Should we treat our husbands as children? And have you ever realized that the bed is just as much his as it is yours...why don't you go sleep on the couch?

Obviously, this is a topic that bothers me. I don't appreciate when people joke about me being the boss in my and Derrick's relationship; and I hope that I don't portray myself in a bossy manner. I don't even like when people say that the wedding is MY day. It takes two to make a marriage work - and a wedding is the celebration of that. I have to hold my tongue so that I don't give them a piece of my mind.

This is something that is portrayed very heavily on television. There probably is no better example (at least that I can think of) than Everybody Loves Raymond. And I'm sure you probably all know what I'm talking about. I feel like most shows are set up with the woman as the "boss" of the house, and the husband escaping to work or bars or the garage with friends to get away from his nagging wife. It's really sad and so far away from what God wants from us and for us. 

I think that women, in trying to be equal, started believing it was okay for us to be demeaning towards our husbands/boyfriend. If a man says something rude or belittling to his wife/girlfriend around others, people are quick to stick up for her or to look down on him for being rude. If a woman says something belittling about her husband/boyfriend, he's supposed to take it and be okay with that.

Maybe if we treat our men like a men - then they'll act like men. The truth is sometimes men spend all their time at work or end up having an affair, because they don't feel valued at home. I am NOT saying that it's an excuse and I am definitely NOT condoning cheating in any way. I am saying that we all need to feel valued, supported, loved, and respected - and home is supposed to be the haven for that.

Believing in him and encouraging him is more important than we can ever know. I do believe that women can and do have great influence. I just think that we have started abusing that power - taking advantage of men and not respecting who they are as men. Women have great responsibility in a relationship. God has given us certain talents and gifts and attributes and nurturing ways that complement the way that He created men.

After venting, I will admit that I do some times get an "I know what's best, you should do it my way" attitude, and this carries over to my relationship with Derrick. All too often I would rather him do things my way, and I can sometimes slip into treating him like a child. It's something I'm aware of and working on. So I'm not trying to preach at you (although maybe a little bit I am).

Just think for a minute before yelling at him or making fun of him or nagging at would you feel if you were treated that way? Value him. Respect him. Compliment him. Love him. And become the kind of wife his friends would want, not the kind of wife he tries to get away from.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not just fishin'

For the past 11 years, my family has spent every 4th of July (with the exception of one) in Cape Charles, Virginia. At a old farm house across from a potato field. In the middle of no where.

What is there to do up there? I'm sure you're wondering. The answer: not much. And it's one of my favorite things. We get away from the hustle and the bustle of the world for a little while. We play card games, filling the kitchen with laughter. We watch movies together, go for walks, do word searches.

And we fish.

Now, for was always more of a time to relax on the boat, tan, and read. I remember reading book after book as a preteen and teenager, while everyone else reeled in fish after fish. I also remember times that I would have rather been any where else but there. On that hot boat, surrounded by fish. Now, I love it. The simplicity. The sun. The water. The music coming through the speakers as we celebrate big fish, and I coo over little fish. The time with those I love most. It's like nothing else.

Although I may only go once or twice a year, and it took me a while to warm up to the place, I have so many good memories there. (Listen to this song).
Laying in bed with my brother laughing at an old man snoring like a train in the other room.
Making anklets, watching The Notebook, flushing Stanley, Custis Tomb, and an attempted drive to Maryland with two of my best friends.
Many card games...and re-learning how to play each one every year.
Laughing until we cried as we tried to figure out what flavor each freeze pop was.
Red noses, sun burnt shoulders, and cold showers.
Cooking supper alongside my mom.
Big Brother on the fuzzy television.
Fireworks and funnel cakes and sparklers...
Lunch with Derrick and Mom in Cape Charles.

But what I remember most about the bay is my Papa. It was his place. His home away from home. And he loved to fish. He was the captain. And he loved sharing his passion with us. I only wish I would have loved it more. I remember fishing with him (or watching him fish as I read), playing many card games with him - an easy smile resting on his lips, watching tv with him. My favorite memory about the bay? My Papa.

I don't know if there is fishing in heaven...but I like to believe he's up there reeling 'em in. And, whether or not he's sitting on a boat with a rod in his hand - I hope that maybe God lets him see all of the memories and fun that we're having, sharing his passion. It would make him smile.

 Check out this awesome video of our last trip by Derrick :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,
but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,
 that it may benefit those who listen."
Ephesians 4:29

Has anyone ever noticed how much people complain? Even Christians seem to constantly be complaining about something.

Someone didn't do something right. The color of the walls doesn't match the floor. We used to do it this way, and it was so much better. I need two hours instead of one. I didn't order this. My food is cold. That's not good enough. She's a slave driver.  No one does anything right.

It is something that really bothers me: The negativity amongst everyone. How easy it is for us to find something to complain about? Someone to complain about. Something not quite right to dwell on.

Just stop. Think about how blessed we are. We have homes. Cars. Most of us have jobs. Families. Televisions. Air Condition. Bibles. Churches. Freedom. Most of us have our health. We have friends. There are so many blessings that surround us - even on our worst day.

And Christians have the most of all to celebrate. We have a God who loves us and has a plan for us. We have an eternity in heaven (read about it!). Let's look at the bigger picture and realize what's important.

Next time you open your mouth to complain, think of all of the things that God has blessed you with. Think of all of the people who don't have what you have. And be thankful.

(Of course, this blog sounds like I'm complaining about complainers. Forgive me ():)

10 Reasons I can't complain:

10. I am blessed to live in Harnett County-Fuquay Varina, North Carolina - in the United States of America!

9. I have air conditioning. A car. A bed. Too many clothes. A shower. A radio. A television. A computer. I live in a house that would be considered a mansion in many other countries. I have  so much more than I need.

8. I had the opportunity to be educated - at Christian establishments. I learned things. I can read - and have an endless amount of books available to me. I have the gift of writing and sharing messages that way. I had the influence of wonderful teachers, mentors and professors.

7. I have amazing, godly friends who encourage and uplift. And we have memories that make me smile.

6. I am never hungry. I may think I am, but there are five fast food restaurants just a couple of miles away, and I always have enough money for something to eat. I am never hungry.

5. I am healthy. Those I love are healthy. Such a blessing!

4. I have a job that I love! I work with some amazing people and get to know a lot of wonderful students. And I can talk about God and say "Have a blessed day" at the end of my emails (Read about it).

3. My family is nearby - and they constantly support me and encourage me, provide for me and make me better. We get along. We have traditions. We laugh. I have parents who love me.

2. I get to marry my best friend. A really cute and wonderful guy who surprises me with Zaxbys and rubs my shoulders :)

1. I have a God who is there for me, has a plan for me, and saved me.

I challenge you to think of all the reasons that you can't complain.

 "Do everything without grumbling or arguing,
so that you may become blameless and pure,
“children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.
Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.
 And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain."
Philippians 2: 14-16