Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Departure Time: Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Derrick and I will depart from my house on our way to Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends. This trip has been a source of much anticipation. Anxiety. Speculation. Stress. Planning. And excitement.

I am a planner. And I like to be in control. Going 10 hours away, not sure what to expect, where things are, and not knowing many people doesn't seem like a controlled situation to me. What's the traffic going to be like? Are we going to get there in time? What's Derrick going to do while I'm doing bridesmaids stuff? Did I pack everything? Do I have all the information I need?


The truth: I'm excited. This weekend holds the promise of an adventure. An adventure that holds new things and unique situations. An adventure that isn't perfectly planned or thought out - but is holding on by faith and anticipation. An adventure that I get to go on with my very best friend.

The truth: I'm ready. This weekend holds the promise of celebration. Celebrating the love of my life and how blessed I am to have him. Celebrating all of the many blessings that God has given me in 2010 - and taking time to reflect on a truly wonderful year. Celebrating the beginning of a New Year - new blessings, new adventures, new friendships, new memories. Celebrating a marriage and my wonderful and fun friendship with Jessi Buker (soon-to-be Chiu).

The truth: I'm looking forward to it. This weekend holds the promise of a memory. A memory that no one can ever take a way. That I can hold onto forever. That Derrick and I can laugh about and find warmth in. That Jessi and I can share, a memory that will make our friendship stronger. A decade from now we'll still talk about the New Years that we spent in Ohio...and that will be something special.

10 hours in a car with Derrick, listening to new cds and snapping pictures of new places, talking about everything and nothing, laughing and singing. Meeting new friends and sharing fun times with a wonderful group of girls. An afternoon in a new city with a camera in one hand and Derrick holding the other. Celebrating a beautiful day with one of my dearest friends. That's life. That's adventure. That's celebration. That's a memory. It doesn't sound too bad, now does it?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo. Shoot.

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending an hour getting some great shots of one of my students. Kayla was a blast to work with - because I could experiment and be ridiculous, and she was willing to experiment with me. The photos turned out well - and every little bit helps me learn. I think it's important for everyone to feel like a star for a few hours -expressing their beauty through photos that capture a little of their personality.

The Taylor photo shoot today was fun. I wanted to do a lot of different shots - normal, creative, artsy... The weather was frigid, and I believe we all lost feeling in our limbs, but things went really well. They were a joy to work with - and Jeremy was a good sport. The shoot taught me a lot, and I hope to continue to improve. I loved looking through the pictures because it captured the story that is Jeremy and Bethany.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Memories. Captured.

Derrick and I are starting to be more serious about photography - which has been a passion of ours for a while now. I believe we each have different gifts and talents in this area, but we both enjoy taking pictures, editing pictures, capturing a moment. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in a photo session!

I'm excited to have a few photo shoots this week! I'll keep you posted.


LillianRenee Photography


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i love music. 

To me, music is the most spiritual, out-of-this-world experience other than God and love. It can express what you can't find the words to say. It can convey an emotion. Change a mood. Take you back to a memory. It comforts and celebrates. It cries and laughs.

I appreciate all types of music. But country holds my heart. It's in my blood. It's a passion of mine. I'm a country purist. I don't like when country singers cross over or when I hear a country song on a non-country station. There's something so real and beautiful about country musicians. They could be your neighbor. The beautiful woman that sings in church. The farmer down the road who is a loving husband and caring father.

My world stops whenever the first few notes of a late 80's/early 90's song pours through the speakers. "Don't Close Your Eyes", "Is There Life Out There", "I See It Now", "The Dance", "Strawberry Wine" and "So Good In Love" are just a few examples of some of those classic songs.

I like Walking after Midnight with Patsy and drawl out every letter of D-I-V-O-R-C-E as I listen to that unmistakable voice that is Tammy Wynette. And if I could have a concert in heaven? Well, it just might be from Keith Whitley - if he trusted God as his Savior and finds his home up there.

The Judds are on my Christmas list...because "Love Can Build A Bridge" is hands down one of the greatest. songs. ever.

Tonight on my way home I listened to Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas"...3 times! And sang it with all my might. It's my favorite Christmas song. It's sad and strong and weak and vulnerable. Her voice sounds like you could shatter it, yet it has a strength and purity that is seldom found. And the song sounds like candy. The last few words are like a hug from Dolly herself.

I think that music is one of the biggest blessings that we have here on earth. Listen to it. Appreciate it. Sing at the top of your lungs at the stoplight; it will inspire others! Enjoy it :)