Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A guy who doesn't...

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to judge anyone who reads it. It is simply my opinion on things that I appreciate.

Today I was listening to the radio, and a song came on that's premise was about a guy who needed was a beer in his hand. There are many songs out there and people out there that share this sentiment, and I started to think about this. I'm not only glad that I have a guy who does a lot of really amazing things, but I'm also glad that I have a guy who doesn't...

Drink - I grew up in a non-drinking family, and I always saw it as wrong. Black and white. Don't drink. End of story. Now that I see shades of grey, I realize that it isn't necessarily a sin to drink (though it is a sin to get drunk). But I still don't see the point in it. And I don't think I would be comfortable around it.  I am blessed that the guy I'm marrying doesn't see the point in it either. I'm blessed to be marrying a guy who can't relate to all the drinking songs.

Smoke - I am used to people smoking. My father smokes, and I love him with my whole heart. But I hate when we're riding in the car, and I can't breathe. The smell it leaves everywhere. I'm blessed to have a man who doesn't smoke.

Cuss - For me, your choice of words is more about the spirit behind the words than the word itself. If you're degrading someone, it doesn't really matter what word you use - because you're being mean-spirited and hurting someone else. If you hit your toe on the corner of the bed, it doesn't really matter to me what word you use - because it hurts and you aren't directing it at anyone. But I don't promote cussing nor do I think it's necessary. And I'm very blessed to have a guy who makes up crazy exclamations instead of using words that might hurt his testimony.

So I know the things I talked about are pretty cliche. "I don’t smoke, drink, chew or run around with the girls that do..." And I am not saying that they are all necessarily wrong. But I am saying that I'm glad I found a guy who doesn't do those things.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dining room and a desk...

This morning came early for a Saturday. It was our first Visitation Day of the semester - and I had the opportunity to talk to dozens of bright-eyed, overwhelmed, and searching high school students. Some were ready to come to Campbell today, some didn't seem so sure. But they all bless me in different ways. More than that, our current students constantly uplift me and impress me with their willingness to go the extra mile.

After work, exhausted and ready to curl up and take a nap, I headed home to meet Derrick. The plan was to pick up the truck, go to Fuquay and pick up a desk from Derrick's old job, and then go to our home - to set up our dining room table, move in the desk, and clean up a bit.

We got to Fuquay, and we realized that we had forgotten the keys to the office. Where the desk was. It wasn't a total wasted trip, though, because we dropped off a donation at the Gaurdian Angel. Then headed toward our beautiful little home in the middle of wide-open spaces.

For the next couple of hours, I worked on organizing CDs, cleaning up, adding some homey touches, while Derrick began putting together our dining room table. I enjoy working on different things together. I enjoy knowing that he's right through the doorway. I enjoy having him there. Music played in the background as we enjoyed our peaceful solitude.

After I had done all that I could, I helped him put together our last two chairs. He taught me how on the first chair. And then he wanted me to show him on the second chair. I got it right for the most part...except that I forgot two of the screws that were supposed to go in the back of the chair. (I don't think they were really that important anyway). I got better at tightening the screws as we went along...so if you come over for supper, you should feel fairly safe sitting down at the table.

After this, we sat on our couch for a little while - and took it all in. Enjoying the moment. Enjoying the memory. Being thankful for each blessing.

Then it was time to load the plastic and boxes on the back of the truck and take them back to my parent's house. That seven minute drive was quiet an adventure - and I dutifully watched the back to warn Derrick if anything was going to fly up. I couldn't really tell though beforehand, so we had to stop several times, pull over, and make sure that everything was secure. We finally made it though.

Finally, we picked up the desk.

It was a large L-shaped desk that came in two pieces. It wasn't too heavy, so we got it into the house with no problems - thanks to Derrick's mad backing-up skills. And then it was time to get it into Derrick's office. If you were to go towards are two extra bedrooms in the house, you would first walk through another doorway - and then go three feet to your left, and you're in Derrick's office. Three feet to your right, and you're in our guest bedroom. Straight is the guest bathroom. This set-up proves to be tricky when trying to get a giant desk through both doorways and around the corners.

It wasn't going to fit straight in. We tried. It wasn't going to fit if we put it on it's side. We tried. It had more potential and looked promising if we slanted it, but no success. Finally, I suggested putting it straight up - long ways. This wouldn't work either when we were trying to fit the bottom through the door first. And then Derrick suggested that we put the top through first - so that the lip of the desk that juts out the furtherest can get through the doorway, before pushing the smaller part the rest of the way. Brilliant! After thirty minutes of maneuvering, we finally had it. And a happy dance ensued. Success! We did it - and we did it together.

I've still got two weeks to go, and I already like being a newlywed. Figuring out life together. Making a home together. Making mistakes together. Making memories together.

(Home photos and details with be forthcoming - probably after the wedding and updated blog!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's within reach...

I haven't posted in a while and, with my wedding being 20-something days away, I thought I should say a few words.

1. I'm exhausted, but happy. We thought we had most of the planning done, but there are still a lot of little details that creep up on you. DJ's playlist - which is a fun little detail. The programs - which turned out to be really cute. The bridesmaids shoes - which will forever haunt me. On top of that, October is an insane month at work - so I've been busy trying to make sure that everything is taken care of. That I'm not missing anything, forgetting anything.

2. I love our home. I can't wait to have you all over! We painted our living room and dining room this past weekend. It was a lot of work. It wasn't perfect. But it was such a good experience for us. The first green I chose was hideous - ugliest cover i've ever seen - so bad it made me tear up, to which Derrick took me into our bedroom, had me lay down on our imaginary bed (denoted by two pillows on the floor), and assured me that it was going to be okay.
          Derrick stepped in brown paint and, in trying to make sure the paint tray didn't spill, stepped on the carpet. I had to hold my breath, and then decided to laugh instead of get upset. I'm glad it didn't go perfectly. I'm glad we had to dance in a messy kitchen with an ugly green wall. I'm glad we had to powwow on an imaginary bed. I'm glad we had to clean a stain out of the carpet. 

3. We had our two premarital counseling sessions. They went well. It all seemed like common sense to me - to which Derrick reminded me that it's not. A lot of people don't understand. I'm just blessed to have good role models in my life, to have had amazing friends who are beautiful young brides...plus, I've been reading marriage books and studying marriage scripture and biblical roles for husbands and wives for years. And praying for this time. God and I have talked about it A LOT. It's a passion of mine. It's important to me. I am not going to be perfect, but I want to be the best I can.

4. I'm excited about the wedding - and I hope that it's a time filled with friendship and music, kisses and laughter. I think that when I think of my wedding day those are the things that come to mind. A happy soundtrack of picture perfect moments with my best friends. My dream is to have one of those euphoric nights where the rest of the world disappears and it's just you and your favorite people (with really good music in the background).

5. We're having Zaxbys at the wedding. True story.

6. My poor mother has the worst bride as a daughter. I can't make decisions. I'm more excited about painting my house than picking out a menu. I'm independent and want to do it all, but don't want to do any of it. But I'm coming around to it. And everything is falling into place.

7. Oh yeah, I'm the head of the committee for Campbell's 125th Anniversary Ball. On October 21. Big deal. If you're a student or alum, you should come. Register online at www.campbell.edu.

8. No one has given me a recipe book. Facebook inbox me your favorite recipe!

9. I love Derrick Green. We laugh a lot. And dance a lot. And he said he likes that I make everything into a song.

I know there's probably more. But those are the random points that come to mind right now. VERY SOON I'll be updating my blog to represent my newlywed status as Mrs. Green! That's right - be excited!